Attendee Management

Track and manage your event guests with detail



Track the essentials
  • Record home and work address
  • Track ticket price and meal options
  • Couples can share bidder numbers
  • Couples can have different ticket prices
  • Track seating requests and notes
  • Track guests paying for other guests
  • AutoNumber bidders


Track even more
  • Record custom salutations
  • Track auction team membership
  • Record member reference numbers
  • Track filter categories for custom letters, name tags, etc.
  • Record a brief biography
  • Track organization position
  • Track solicitor team


Notes from the Training Department

During our free "getting started" trainings, this is where we typically solicit feedback as to how you run your events. The event registration part of AMPro is incredibly flexible, so we adjust the training to show you the best way to use AMPro for your unique ticket selling scenarios.