Budget and Expense Tracking

Stay on top of your event with AuctionMaestro



  • Record unlimited expenses
  • Data is automatically used to calculate net profit
  • Customize unlimited expense categories
  • Record expense vendors/payees
  • Record due dates and payment dates
  • Record notes/details for future reference
  • Instantly generate your choice of expense reports



Notes from the Training Department

During trainings, we often discuss the importance of knowing when your expenses are likely to occur. For example, your venue may require payment months before the actual event. Using AMPro to track expense due dates will keep you better prepared in the future. Additionally, the notes section is incredibly important when transitioning to a new auction team. It ensures that new leaders have details on what to order, who to talk with, and potential discounts that were discussed in the past. Clients love to see how the expenses show up in the post-event reporting.