Event Night Features

Conduct a flawless event


Track winning bidders
  • Enter winning bids in random order*
  • Split sales of items in seconds
  • Instantly duplicate items sold more than once
Track "raise the paddle" donations
  • Print tracking sheets in seconds
  • Rapidly enter donations*
  • Instantly create donation reports
Track sales of purchased items
  • Sell raffle tickets, centerpieces, and more
  • Print tracking sheets in seconds
  • Rapidly enter purchases by quantity*
  • Produce sales and "pick-up" reports
Produce statements
  • Choose from over 12 statement styles
  • Print with your custom logo
  • Print by table, bid number, or name
  • Include unpaid tickets if desired
  • Checkout in seconds with qCheck
*If you're using Text2Bid, this information downloads with one click instead.


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