Additional Features



AuctionMaestro automatically saves your work as you move from tab-to-tab and screen-to-screen throughout the software. When you close the software, it automatically offers to create a restore point so your work is always backed up.

Work on a Network

The AuctionMaestro database can be stored on your network, allowing multiple people on your network to enter data at the same time. If you need to work from home, you add WebMaestro.

Relational Database

AuctionMaestro is constantly making connections behind the scenes as you enter data. Once you enter a person and address, you never need to enter their information again. Also, you can produce a single statement that shows all activity.


We've designed AuctionMaestro to operate efficiently on Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8. When we beta test updates to the software, we include a 15 year-old laptop in the mix to make sure that older and potentially donated laptops will work with AMPro.

Import from Excel

At any time during your event planning, you may import a list of items or people from Excel. AuctionMaestro has built-in tools to help prevent you from importing duplicates, as well as easy-to-use templates for importing data.

Custom export to Excel

AuctionMaestro has five different areas to create custom Excel spreadsheets of people, items, attendees, donors, and accounting information. Additionally, all 280+ pre-built reports export to Excel.