Item Management

Track and manage your entire auction inventory



  • TravelPledge Integration makes it easy to select and add fun experiences for your auction
  • Track item name, description, restrictions and value
  • Track item value or list "priceless" or custom value text
  • Track categories with yield reporting
  • Track item solicitors with reporting
  • Track gift card/certificate source
  • Track gift certificate "who to call" contact for bidder
  • Track intangible "certificate only" items
  • Track storage locations with reporting
  • Track if the donor has dropped it off yet
  • Track item cost for consigned items
  • Track reserve prices
  • Assign a donor from your directory of people/companies
  • Record an item photo
  • Record internal notes about an item



Notes from the Training Department

In training, we often note that inventory management is where AMPro really shines. Benefit events need to be run like businesses, and this part of the software demonstrates that approach. AMPro can track where your items came from, who procured them, where they're currently stored, who bought them and for how much. Every part of the item life cycle has tracking and reporting.