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Managing Your Benefit Auction Events Professionally & Profitably


Gaye Godfrey Benefit Auction Specialists help ensure that your guests will enjoy a memorable occasion - and the more a guest enjoys their event experience, the more they are willing to be generous bidders.


Not only do we help assure your guests will have a good time, we are confident our services will facilitate a successful outcome to your fundraising goals!


It all adds up to peace of mind. Rest assured your event will run like clockwork, beginning with no lines at the registration table. Guests will appreciate seamless transitions from the silent to live auction, and from social hour through dinner. Cap the evening off not only by meeting fundraising objectives, but by providing guests with a festive, and fun way to make charitable contributions!


Guests will be talking about your event long after it has passed, and more importantly - they will look forward to the next time!


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