ActiveYield™ Notifications

Automatically keep bidders engaged with notifications


The Reason for Electronic Bidding

An electronic system saves time and money on paper bid sheets, eliminates data entry errors, and makes last-minute item additions fast and easy. While these may appear to be primary reasons for implementing electronic bidding, they are far from it!


The reason for electronic bidding is to make your event more profitable by notifying bidders the instant they’re outbid. A notification informs the bidder that they are no longer winning, and to increase their bid or begin bidding on a new item entirely. The bidder feels "left out" at this point, and is likely to bid again so they can be involved once again. The ability to react in real-time means more bids and more money for your cause.


Text2Bid provides instant notifications to each and every bidder. By including both smartphone and text-only phones, Text2Bid allows every bidder to be notified of their bidding status the moment it changes.


Hear it and Feel it

For a notification to properly alert you, it must command your attention. Without a doubt, the best way to notify is by triggering the sound and vibration on one’s personal phone that they’re already familiar with. Since Text2Bid supports both smartphone and text-only phone users – this makes Text2Bid an industry leader in providing the most critical element of electronic bidding.

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