Additional Features

All included in the price of Text2Bid


Live preview

Showcase your live items on phones and kiosks. Bidders can view item descriptions, pictures, and donors - and bookmark them to their watch list.

Share bid numbers

Text2Bid supports up to two phones per bid number, allowing couples to share one bid number - cutting down on bidder confusion and shortening lines at registration and checkout.

Raffle management

If you sell all of your raffle tickets through Text2Bid, the system will handle sales, cut-off time for sales, and randomly generate a winner.

Door prize feature

To increase participation in your silent auction, choose an item to give away as a door prize. Text2Bid will randomly choose a phone number and you can text them to let them know they've won.

Text any bidder

You can text any bidder in your auction right from your computer. Use this functionality when you need to alert a bidder of a "second chance" item or for any other reason.

Built-in reporting

Text2Bid has built in live progress reporting to view total raised, top spenders, top items, and more. If you want to use reports from AuctionMaestro, you may download bids early to run reports.

Extend auction

If for any reason you need to extend the closing time of the silent auction, you can quickly extend the closing time(s) of all items or a specific section.

Manage "best of silent" item

If you are offering a "best of silent" raffle drawing, you can easily remove the item from bidding and Text2Bid will automatically notify the bidder who had been winning the item.

Reverse bids

If a bidder requests to have their bid reversed, you can easily back out any bid. The bidder who moves into the lead is automatically notified by text.

Adjust bidder numbers

If a bidder enters the wrong bid number when they register their phone, you can easily adjust it. Text2Bid will also go back in time and fix their bid number on any previously placed bids.