Bidding Kiosks

Capture bids from any bidder

active yield


Bidding kiosks ensure that patrons without phones have access to placing bids. The combination of bidders with phones and those without phones actually helps you bring in more money. Read below to find out why.


How they work

A Text2Bid Kiosk is a web page that is easily accessed with a private link. This web page works on all computers including Windows, Mac, and Linux. It also works with mobile operating systems such as Apple iOS, Android, and Blackberry.


How they make you money

Our training literature instructs your volunteers to educate kiosk bidders about AutoBid. An AutoBid will save the bidder multiple trips to the kiosk - while increasing your event income. These AutoBids increase bidding activity throughout the event while your non-phone bidders spend more time socializing and less time at a kiosk.