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The Future of Auctions

Text2Bid is positioned to constantly adapt and grow.


A Little Technical
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Text2Bid’s adaptable smartphone technology is based on a framework called JQUERY Mobile. Without getting too technical, this technology allows us to create one single “user interface” (the buttons you press) and have it automatically adjust to every smartphone. JQUERY Mobile is light, fast, and compatible with countless phones and devices.


Using this technology allows Text2Bid to work without being a pre-installed app. Instead, Text2Bid is a specially created webpage that’s referred to as a “web app”. Any updates or enhancements we make to Text2Bid automatically apply to all users.


This also means that a brand new smartphone released today will already work with Text2Bid, with no effort or updates on your end.


Your Future with Text2Bid

The future will only bring more bidders with more smartphones. Text2Bid will constantly adapt to new phones and devices. Text2Bid also allows unlimited bidders, unlimited items, and supports multi-day events. As your organization and your events grow, Text2Bid will continue to adapt to your event needs.


Since Text2Bid operates with no contractors or bidding equipment reserved months in advance, you can change your event date for no cost. In fact, you can even change your event date yourself in the Text2Bid Auction Manager!


With adaptable technology and a smart approach to how electronic bidding should work, Text2Bid will remain a reliable and flexible part of your events for years to come!