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Why Text2Bid?

On your own, but never alone


We believe in your abilities

Mobile bidding is supposed to make the bidding process easier for everyone - so that's what we did. If you have two minutes, you have enough time to train your volunteers. We created a platform that is easy enough to operate by yourself and supported by us behind the scenes before, during, and after your event.

Text2Bid is truly electronic

To turn paper bid sheets into electronic bid sheets, Maestro focused on the very meaning of “electronic”. Bid sheets needed to become easier, more accurate, and more efficient. Developing a system that required clients to rent devices and networking equipment, and to hire contractors to operate that equipment - was a step in the wrong direction. If we weren’t going to make bid sheets easier, then there was no point in doing it at all.


Maestro needed something that was modern and affordable to every client. We don’t exclusively serve the top-tier of non-profits - we serve all non-profits.


The imperative of including all people carried even deeper into the design of Text2Bid, when we decided that excluding text-only bidders was not acceptable. It took months to develop the app for text-only phones to handle bids, cash donations, and merchandise through text messages - but we did it.


When we say that Text2Bid is “true” electronic bidding, it means that Text2Bid embodies the true meaning of electronic. It’s clean, efficient, and simple.