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Your Text2Bid Experience

What to expect when using Text2Bid for your event


Seamless Integration with AuctionMaestro
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  1. The auction items in AuctionMaestro Pro sync with a “one click” upload.
  2. Your bidders use their cell phones to place bids at the event.
  3. The winning bids download into AuctionMaestro Pro for statements.


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Simple for You

Text2Bid is used in place of paper bid sheets. All other parts of your event planning stay exactly the same.


Text2Bid has built-in tools to manage your own start/finish times, colors, and options. While at the event, the auction manager screen allows you to make any corrections to bids or bid numbers in real time.


Since Text2Bid is part of the Maestro family, it's covered under our reputable MaestroCare Support. During your planning and during your event, you’ll always have access to our support team hotline.