How WebMaestro Works

Capture data online in the cloud and download at any time

  • Patrons visit your custom WebMaestro website to purchase tickets, donate items, and more
  • You and your team log in to the "back end" of your site to enter items and other data
  • You access WebMaestro with any web browser or tablet


Secure backups

Your data is backed up at all times. Our WebMaestro database, image and web servers are physically secured in a state-of-the-art data center in downtown Seattle, where they are monitored 24/7 with a backup power supply in place. Our servers are always patched with appropriate service packs and critical updates.


Download the data at any time

During your planning, AuctionMaestro Professional can download a copy of your data at any time for reports and letters. Once you are near the event, all of your data migrates into AuctionMaestro for the physical event. This allows you to work in the cloud before the event and keeps your data safe and local for the event night.